Sunday, October 5, 2014

August - this year, better than ever!

One of the really great things about the delta is that July is usually better than June, August is usually better than July and so on, but this year we all kept commenting over and over about the incredible weather, water temperature etc - the summer just kept getting better.   The only thing we had to deal with was the overgrowth of hyacinths and other greenery this year, but with it came all the other wonderful birds and fish.  This year's evening symphony added an owl and a bullfrog.

See Heron resting on roof
I got an early birthday present which was alot of fun and kept us all busy.

Staying balanced

Finally got Josh & Kathryn on the boat

Then there was the fishing ~ ~ Brian really went at it this summer and was rewarded with some nice fish.  We don't eat the fish, We "photo & release".

Just a baby
Definitely impressive !!!

But the Delta herself stole the show this summer with breathtaking sunsets and peaceful afternoons.

Summer ended for most folks with the Harbor party in September.  Food, music and a time for everyone to get together before the boats started leaving. 

Kip was so missed but also seemed to be everywhere

Before the last boats packed up, this years Fig Island project was the deck renovation.  These photos came from everyone (thanks to all who took them).  The pix are of the men that worked that weekend but the deck was a gift to Bonnie and Chuck from all of the Figlets.




Bonnie and Chuck xoxo

 We left the island last month and did not make the long trek back to the bay.  We are at Riverboat and hope to make it to the boat at least once a month to enjoy the other seasons the Delta has to show us.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th - no where else I'd rather be than here!

Another Hot Hot Fourth - spent mostly in the water

Chatting up the neighbors,

kept us all busy most of the weekend

meeting new friends

Rafting up

The LAF at work

planning a rescue
All part of the regular Fourth of July activities at the slough!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Very Beautiful Weekend

Erik and Maya joined us for a three day weekend at the Delta.  There was so much to show, and Erik started almost immediately.

A beautiful Sunset but there was still work to be done, setting up the tent on the roof
Ready to go first thing in the morning.  We untied from Fig Island, and after a brief stop at Korths, we were off to Georgiana

And a quick dip in the kayak at our favorite lunchtime spot

And on the way home again - back to Potato Slough

Monday, May 26, 2014

The long trip back - after a two year break

So Excited to get back to Potato Slough, I couldn't sleep.  We were at the dock a bit late but quickly got going out of Port Sonoma.  San Pablo Bay was deceptively calm for a few markers - then we surfed little white caps all across until we saw the C&H factory.
After that it was time for my nap and Brian took care of the rest of the driving.  This is one of many dozen photos of all the ships as we made our way to the delta.
And the usual, lazy seal 

We made great time and were all tied up in time to meet the beautiful wild life of the slough.

Herons, turtles, beavers, coots were all there to enjoy the weekend and we watched a wonderful swimming lesson that a mother duck was giving her babies.